What is Alpha-Mania?

Alpha-Mania and Phonological Awareness

Alpha-Mania is an active early-reading program for children aged 3 to 5 that goes far beyond teaching the alphabet. Based on thorough research, Alpha-Mania succeeds at developing phonological awareness and phonics skills, the first two components in learning to read.

The concept began in 1996 when its founder, Ruth Rumack, saw the need for an early reading program that combined literacy research, pre-reading skills, and kinesthetic learning activities that went beyond the standard worksheet-based programs.

Twenty years later, Alpha-Mania has grown into an engaging, original, and successful licensed program taught in child care centres and nursery schools throughout Canada. It has also expanded into a book series called Alpha-Mania Adventures, aimed at teaching these same skills both in the classroom and at home.


How does Alpha-Mania teach early reading skills?

Alpha-Mania makes learning to read fun! Research has shown that a strong foundation in phonemic awareness is a key component in future reading success. By introducing these essential building blocks in a fun and dynamic way, children develop a thorough understanding of the sounds of language while being actively engaged in language play. The result? Strong future readers with a love of learning that goes beyond the alphabet!

Alpha-Mania lessons promote phonics and phonological/phonemic awareness through

  • vocabulary-building keywords related to topics that children love to explore
  • crafts, songs, and stories designed to reinforce letter names and sounds in a meaningful way
  • active games that practice rhyming, blending, alliteration, segmenting, and sound manipulation
  • multi-sensory exploration of letter shapes and formation

Alpha-Mania books promote phonics and phonological/phonemic awareness through

  • exciting pirate stories that emphasize phonological awareness skills
  • a Find the Hidden Objects phonics activity embedded in the illustrations
  • additional phonological awareness activities to play in the home or classroom


Alpha-Mania has been teaching valuable literacy skills to early and emergent readers for more than 20 years. Go beyond the alphabet with Alpha-Mania lessons and books today!